Exciting Brand Feature - Bigger than Beads

Looking good while doing good in style leads to better things. Let's spread the goodness. We've previously mentioned that we find artistic inspiration from other brands - especially ones that have inspirational stories. Last September we featured WayuutušŸŒµ; in this article we'll showcase Bigger than Beads. Hailing from Africa, this company produces beautiful handmade jewelry and classic handbags. Available styles include wristlets or clutches that can be paired with crossbody straps for hands-free portability. Fifty percentĀ of sales proceeds go directly to the village of Masese, Uganda.

Bigger than Beads also works with H.E.L.P. - Uganda to save lives and bring hope by empowering teachers, schools and the community of Masese to build for the future by sponsoring children and education. We first found out about both organizations through educator Delia Garrity who has made multiple trips and put in countless hours volunteering.

More businesses understand the benefit of reinvesting in their community. Consumers are distancing themselves from companies that harm the environment, mistreat employees, or embrace practices counter to sustainability. We all need to strive to make the world a better place. Rethink fast fashion. Consider instead items that will live past the latest trend and be a long-lived staple. Organic material or the avoidance of chemical dyes, pesticides or excess water consumption have a lower ecological impact and are better for the earth.

We love the timeless silhouette of the pocketbooks offered by Better than Beads. At Bolsa Nova Handbags, we build our products to last as well - with the expectation that it will last you decades. Both companies respect artistry and craftsmanship. Well-made classics may even survive to becoming an heirloom for another family member or be repurposed by upcycling or donating to a thrift store to bring joy to someone else. The bright colors and the varied textures available throughout their collection and ours offer many options to mix and match in creating your own style.

The cutting edge of fashion combines stye, sustainability, ethics and community support. We aim for those objectives in our styles and we proudly present Bigger than Beads as another striver pursuing those goals.

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