What Length Should My Crossbody Strap Be?

With an adjustable crossbody strap, you have a variety of options to experiment with until you find the length that perfectly fits your style. There are some suggested standards. Refer to this guide as you chart your own path. When deciding on the resting location of the Italian leather handbag most suitable for you, consider the strap length, the strap width, the drop length, your height, and your curves.  

Hang your bag on a doorknob. The strap “drop” ranges from the top center of the bag to the apex where the strap rests on the knob. Some stylists recommend an 18-inch drop for women 5' 2" and shorter. Depending on how you'd want your bag to fall on your hips, a drop of about 20 inches matches well with women up to 5' 6." For women 5' 8" or taller, a drop of 22 inches or more might be more apt.  

Typically, the strap length includes hardware and is about double the drop (the up and the down) plus about six inches (the width that drapes your shoulder). As you can imagine, the width is broader if you are, say, wearing a coat. If you are not ready to break out the tape measure, select the bag in your wardrobe that is most comfortable to port all day long and mirror that look.  

Shorter handle straps can be almost "form fitting." The weight of carrying heavier items will take its toll on your shoulder and back, depending on whether it sits on your waist. A longer length allows you to hold the handbag by the handle while it rests on your shoulder but you can also be hands free, if so inclined. Wearing your bag across your chest distributes the weight in a way that is stylish, comfortable and secure. 

There are a variety of crossbody straps you may select from our collection to regularly switch up the look of your bag.   Bolsa Nova offers straps in various lengths, widths, and fabrics with some adjustable options so your bag may be worn as a short shoulder or crossbody.    

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