Giving Back

Being a mom, wife, daughter and a woman business owner, I feel a responsibility to give back, particularly to women who need a second chance.  Our initiatives have included working with the following through donations and also co-hosting fundraisers and events.  Because these are smaller organizations any donations go right to the people who need it.  Please look into supporting them!

The Bethany House, whose mission of providing safe and supportive emergency housing to women and their children is truly life-changing.  Housing women and children who find themselves homeless.  They stay there for short periods of time and get the support they need to get back on their feet.  

The Hewlett House is another great charity running for over 28 years located in Hewlett, NY helping to local families dealing with cancer.  They provide financial, emotional, and educational support to victims or families.  

Another amazing organization called Just in Time that helps children who are aging out of foster care with many programs including mentorship.