Bolsa Nova Crossbody Straps Collection

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We offer fashionable woven and printed fabrics and embellished vegan crossbody straps that you can use to change up the look of your bag.  Many of these also offer a wide range of adjustable drops using a “slider” hardware so that you can adjust your strap to have a drop anywhere from 12 to 24 inches.  Studs, grommets, or other embellishments can be mixed and matched with your favorite color combinations to give you the ultimate styling flexibility.

Our strap widths vary from slender to wide, about 3/8ths to 2 inches. Smaller bags are typically paired with more slender straps. The wider the strap, the broader the weight distribution. For longer outings with heavy content this is no small consideration. As always, the tradeoff between looks, usefulness, and comfort is a personal decision. 

Whether short or tall, get the perfect fit by investing in stylish, adjustable straps.  High-up or hip-adjacent? Freely swinging or tight to the body? Aiming to have the top of the bag hit the narrowest part of your waist? Worn over or under jacket? One side or crossbody? Why decide now - when you don't have to? Bolsa Nova’s detachable bag straps are made with excellent materials and craftsmanship to keep you sharp and to keep them guessing.